Friday, December 08, 2006

Unable to open infopath form in browser , Session Cookie disabled Error MOSS 2007

I  am not  sure till now the reason for this error , i tried all the  solution even allowing all the cookies settings in browser but negative result .
The amazing thing  during this process whcih came into my notice is that , when i try to open the form in Firefox it works fine . But that's not the solution as the users in my current implementation were using IE 6.0+ .

Though i could not figure out reason for that but fortunately it worked in the newly installed server with release version of MOSS 2007 .
So conclusion from my end is that if by any chance u bump into this problem , it may be due to soem installation error in server and that too if you are running with Beta 2/TR .In such case install the Evaluation version of MOSS 2007 in clean server and life would become much better . In case you are aware of any workaround or solution make a note here .


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