Tuesday, June 26, 2007

People Picker in MOSS 2007 unable to find user from Multiple Domain

When the sharepoint is installed in environment with multiple domains , the user profile import mechanism only imports the user from the domain in which the sharepoint server is installed.

For eg , if there are multiple domains Domain1.abc.com and Domain2.abc.com and sharepoint 2007 server is installed at Domain2.abc.com , in such case when user profile import is run in SSP , all the users from Domain2.abc.com are imported to user profile database.

when we try to use the people picker control to search for user present in Domain1.abc.com we don't get any results as shown below :

In order to import users from Domain1.abc.com , we need to define new import connection for the Domain1.abc.com and start user profile import once more .

Follow these steps :

  • Open SSP(Shared Service provider)
  • Go to User Profiles and Properties
  • Click on View Import Connections
  • Create New Connection
  • Add the following entries , also shown in figure below

Domain Name :Domain1

Auto discover domain controller(Selected)

Search Base :DC=Domain1,DC=abc,DC=com

Other as default*

  • Start full import and now you should get all users

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Unable to add domain user to SharePoint 2007 Site

This behavior may occur if the user who you want to add is a member of a Microsoft Windows NT4.0 domain that is joined to your Active Directory forest. The Select users and groups -- Web Page Dialog dialog box does not support Windows NT 4.0 domains. You can use the dialog box to search for and add users who are members of a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or Microsoft Windows 2000 domain. However, you cannot use the dialog box to retrieve user information from a Windows NT 4.0 domain.

Resolution :
Directly add the user ID to the "add user box" and assign permissions and press OK, this will add the user to the site.

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