Friday, May 24, 2013

People Picker Control - SharePoint 2010 ( Customizing Search Results)

For customizing search results in people picker configured for Windows Authentication in Classic Mode or claims mode check below link

To customize search results in people picker configured in different authentication mode, you need to define custom claims provider:

Thursday, May 23, 2013

WSS_Logging DB SharePoint 2010 ( Usage Reporting)

SharePoint 2013 is out  but i still get the queries regarding the usage reporting capability of SP 2010.

Some pointers below.

  • The data displayed by SharePoint Web Analytics is pulled from "WSS_Logging" database. It aggregates all of the raw logging data accumulated in the text files under the 14 hive and imports it into logging database. 

  • Web Analytics Service Retention Policy 

          To persist the usage data in WSS_Logging for longer time you can change the retention policy
           by  changing the settings in central administration

          Central Administration - > Application Management - > Manage Servcie Application
          - >Select Web Analytics Service ->Click "Properties" in ribbon ->Change Data Retention
          Period up  to 25 months.

  • The data import from Logs files to Database is performed by Timer Job " Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Usage Data Import"
         You can set the frequency of timer job depending on load on your server.

  • More Information on Logging DB can be found at : 

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Implementing SharePoint DR (SQL Server Log Shipping Method)

Great article on SharePoint DR implementation using SQL Server Log Shipping.

Gray Failures: What is it and how to detect one?

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