Friday, September 28, 2007

Access Denied While Create Page Action

My user came back to me in morning and said that he is not able to create a page and was facing "Access Denied" error, i was amazed as the user had full control to the site. So i tried it with my ID and BANG same error. I was not able to make page too havig the same "Full Control" access.

After a complete half day of search and trying different things gladly it worked ,saved my weekend fun.

Solution which i used to get over the error is to add my ID to the "Administrators" group of site and it's all fixed.

Am not sure weather it is something by architecture of other issue but it saved my day.

I got one solution which still needs to be tested :
Check out :

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Unable to open Page due to Web Part Error . "Saviour" Web Part Maintenance Page

At some day you decide to test your new webpart and unfortunately web part bombs badly and you end up with page which looks something like this :

Now second thought is to open the page using Sharepoint designer and removing web part , but to the height of disappointment even Designer throws all kind of error.You are all stuck thinking "How can i remove web part ? "

Well trick is to append your page url with querystring " ?contents=1 ".

So if your stuck url is http://localhost then append the query string

This will take you to the saviour page "Web Part Maintenance Page" ,remove the webpart and have a happy day forward :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Workflow Failed in SharePoint with Error: Failed on Start (retrying)

In case you are the unlucky one to get this error then i have couple of suggestions .One of them worked for me :)

Check out the 2 ways which might help you to overcome this error:

  • The workflow definition is invalid. :This can be figured out as SPD pops error message in such case

  • Changing the identity of the application pool to a user with administrative rights can cause the workflow to “fail to start“. If this sounds like something you've done, try changing it back to network service and try running the workflow again. (worked for me)

Check out the article by Jason Nadrowski

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