Friday, January 25, 2008

Error Integration MOSS Picture Library with Silverlight

Silverlight error message
ErrorCode: 4001
ErrorType: ImageError

I got this error while implementing the MOSS picture library with Silverlight . I was following the article by Ian Morrish

but due to some reason i got stuck with this error , after some hours of brain shakedown it came to my notice that the Picture library was not properly referenced in my XSLT .

Friday, January 18, 2008

Migrating List and Document Libraries in MOSS between servers

List / Document Library Migration

Have you ever got the requirement of just migrating a list/Document Library between servers and not the whole site ?

Well then you are at right place, just down load the tool and start migrating the list with all metadata intact .

Happy Migrating !!!

Download Tool

User Profile Import is not importing updated Manager Information from Active Directory in MOSS


User profile is imported and everything seems to work fine , later there is a change in organization structure for eg there is a manager change for person "x" .In order to reflect this information in sharepoint , you update the information in Active Directory and run import .

Issue :

SharePoint still showing the old manager for person"x" and doesn't seemed to be updated with profile import

Resolution :

Install WSS /MOSS SP1 and you are good to go ....

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Printing SharePoint Web Part

Ever thought of printing a content of web part rather than complete page in sharepoint ?

Follow the Steps:

  • Create Print Button : Add content Editor web part to your page and paste the following script as Source Text

< type="button" onclick="javascript:void(PrintWebPart())" value="Print Web Part">

< language="JavaScript">
//Controls which Web Part or zone to print
var WebPartElementID = "WebPartWPQ6";

//Function to print Web Part

function PrintWebPart()
var bolWebPartFound = false;
if (document.getElementById != null)
//Create html to print in new window var PrintingHTML = '\n\n';
//Take data from Head Tag if (document.getElementsByTagName != null)
var HeadData= document.getElementsByTagName("HEAD");
if (HeadData.length > 0)
PrintingHTML += HeadData[0].innerHTML;
PrintingHTML += '\n\n\n';
var WebPartData = document.getElementById(WebPartElementID);
if (WebPartData != null)
PrintingHTML += WebPartData.innerHTML;
bolWebPartFound = true;
{ bolWebPartFound = false; alert ('Cannot Find Web Part'); } } PrintingHTML += '\n\n'; //Open new window to print if (bolWebPartFound)
var PrintingWindow ="","PrintWebPart", "toolbar,width=800,height=600,scrollbars,resizable,menubar");; PrintingWindow.document.write(PrintingHTML); // Open Print Window PrintingWindow.print(); }}< /script>

  • In order to print content from web part you need to connect the desired web part to the print button
  • Get the Div Id of web part from the Page Source and assign it to the variable in Button

Well you would like to check this for simpler explanation :

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Granular Level Export/Import of data MOSS

Have you ever wondered what if u have to migrate just a list between servers ,do you need to buy third party tool . Nopes...

Just create a tool using API from Microsoft.SharePoint.Deployment Namespace and it's not as complex as you might think .

Check this great article with samples :

Happy Coding and New Year!!!

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