Friday, January 18, 2008

User Profile Import is not importing updated Manager Information from Active Directory in MOSS


User profile is imported and everything seems to work fine , later there is a change in organization structure for eg there is a manager change for person "x" .In order to reflect this information in sharepoint , you update the information in Active Directory and run import .

Issue :

SharePoint still showing the old manager for person"x" and doesn't seemed to be updated with profile import

Resolution :

Install WSS /MOSS SP1 and you are good to go ....


Adriano Araujo blog said...

According to Microsoft this is a bug that has been fixed on SP1, we have a roll out for SP1 delayed so we can't wait for that to fix the issue. Because of that I created a work around. Basically if you only Manager is changed, the update will not work.

What I did was map the field ModifyTimeStamp on sharepoint profile http://sspappname/ssp/admin/_layouts/MgrProperty.aspx and added a new property called ModifyTimeStamp and mapped that to AD field ModifyTimeStamp. Once you update a manager both fields will change and you will get the new manager in.

Good luck,


Anonymous said...

Adding ModifyTimeStamp in as a new profile property is an excellent idea. Thanks!

Tripwire said...

Adriano, that sounds like an excellent solution to the problem. In our case we have other fields such as Title not updating.

Can I ask what type of field you specified when adding the property? Did you leave the default of 'string' or did you specify 'date time'?

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