Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Workflow Failed in SharePoint with Error: Failed on Start (retrying)

In case you are the unlucky one to get this error then i have couple of suggestions .One of them worked for me :)

Check out the 2 ways which might help you to overcome this error:

  • The workflow definition is invalid. :This can be figured out as SPD pops error message in such case

  • Changing the identity of the application pool to a user with administrative rights can cause the workflow to “fail to start“. If this sounds like something you've done, try changing it back to network service and try running the workflow again. (worked for me)

Check out the article by Jason Nadrowski


Adalbertus79 said...

Thanks a lot!

It works also for me, I've changed back the identity of the application pool to network service and there's no more annoing error: Failed on Start (retrying) :-))))

Unknown said...

When I try to change it to network service it kills the site totally.

Rags Iyer said...

bobnosnarb ,

Try changing it to network user with DB access but not having admin access to the SharePoint Server .

Yogesh Ghare said...

Thanks a lot..
Second one worked for me

Lenych said...

Thanks a lot! Worked for me. I guess I changed pool account at some point to some other administrator's account. When put the pool's account back, it all worked like a charm :)

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