Friday, September 28, 2007

Access Denied While Create Page Action

My user came back to me in morning and said that he is not able to create a page and was facing "Access Denied" error, i was amazed as the user had full control to the site. So i tried it with my ID and BANG same error. I was not able to make page too havig the same "Full Control" access.

After a complete half day of search and trying different things gladly it worked ,saved my weekend fun.

Solution which i used to get over the error is to add my ID to the "Administrators" group of site and it's all fixed.

Am not sure weather it is something by architecture of other issue but it saved my day.

I got one solution which still needs to be tested :
Check out :


Anonymous said...


I read this entry with interest as we are experiencing the same problem.

Have you been able to find out more on this issue? From what I have seen so far, it seems that permissions can be granted to users with Manage Hierarchy and Contribute rights which allow them to edit pages and create sites, but not to create pages, which seems bizarre.

Your solution of granting administrator rights is one way, but is this the best way to resolve this? Surely granting administratrive rights to all users who can create a page is not ideal? Any more ideas as to how this can be resolved? I am hoping that this is just a case of missing an option(s) or setting somewhere.

Any help appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Actually, just found this:

Thought I would post this in case anyone else is wondering about this issue

Rags Iyer said...

Thanks baz , the article was helpful .So solution seems to provide user with "Reader " access to the Master Page Gallery in order to create page .

But still i am not convinced with the implementation as "Full Control" must be complete access .It still needs to be fixed in sharepoint i feel.

Anonymous said...

Raghu Iyer> You doesn't need "Full Control".. "Contribute" is fine!


Scott said...

Read on the Master Page gallery did the trick. You saved our bacon! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much to share this issue and it's solution. you save my time.

Anonymous said...

i tried all these steps mentioned in te blog posts....but still the access denied persists to create site by user having full control but not a part of the administrator group.
..pls i'm stuck with this my email id is ;

regards Surendranath

Bryan said...

That link you found for adding read rights to the Master Page Library did the trick for me. Thank a bunch for posting this!

Eric said...

Perfect solution.
Reader on Master Page Gallery did the trick. Thanks a lot!

Unknown said...

Wow - thanks for the excellent fix! Setting read on master page and page layouts gallery worked!

Unknown said...

Adding read permissions to all authenticated users works! No more access denied...

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