Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Integrating Outlook Client Calendar with MOSS 2007 Calendar

All the users from outlook world am sure would love the calendar functionality provided by Outlook client , but when you try to show then the SharePoint calendar , they come with same old question “Can i sync my SharePoint Calendar with Outlook Calendar “ .The answer would be yes and no .

It is possible to have the SharePoint calendar within your outlook client, sounds interesting J
Well let’s go forward and open the SharePoint calendar.Click on the “Actions” menu as shown below and click on the “Connect to Client” menu item .As shown above.

This will open Outlook client with calendar as shown and market in below figure...

This way the SharePoint can be kept in sync with the outlook client .Advantage of this approach is that in case the SharePoint portal server is not available the data can be accessed via client as its stores a copy of the calendar. This improves the offline capability of SharePoint.

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