Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Implementing Multiple Authentication for MOSS 2007 Portal Site( EXTRANET )

The above depicted scenario is as follows:
• The internal user information are stored in Active Directory
• External user information is stored in SQL database.

In such case of multiple authentication source requirements, we need to configure the site in different zone. The authentication can be defined with respect to these defined zones.
Zone represents different logical path for gaining access to same physical application. To create a new zone, extend the Web application. In the Load Balanced URL section, specify the URL and zone type.

<---- The Zone URL can accessed as shown
<--- Set the Zone URL After extending an application we can set the authentication of the application to each zone for e.g. as shown below the web application is set to default zone set to "windows auth " and internet zone set to SQl authentication .

<-- Figure show same web application with different Zone and authentication

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Unknown said...

Have you taken a look at Epok’s extranet server for SharePoint 2007. Check out the demo in the link below:

If you are interested I can arrange for a full demo.

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