Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Adding additional Web Part Zone in SharePoint 2007 Page

Simple Steps:

  • Open SharePoint website using SharePoint Designer 2007
  • Open the desired page where you need additional “WebPart Zones”
  • Web parts zones needs to be defined in Content Placeholders .Make sure you have corresponding placeholders in Master page .
  • Add the following line at desired content placeholder of your page :

    < runat="server" frametype="TitleBarOnly" id="Left" title="loc:Left">
    < /ZoneTemplate>
    < /WebPartPages:WebPartZone >

    If you need more Web Part Zones Replicate the above code and change the "Title" and "ID" attribute.


    Madhur said...

    helpful post

    Saurabh said...

    I am doing the exact same thing ....but it doesn't work for me......i have using my custom MasterPage....i hide all the default content place holder in master page and added my own ContentPlaceHolder then i add an aspx page to my current site....and use My Custom MasterPage to new aspx page (i m using sharepoint designer) i am adding Webpartzone as u said.....but doesn't show me i have to change something in my web.config file...?? plz help me out.....

    Rags Iyer said...

    when u edit page in browser , is the zone not visible?

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