Tuesday, January 07, 2020

T and Z in DateTime like 2009-08-28T23:55:16.000Z

A very simple question for a person who codes(hopefully) but for business users this can be very confusing.

What do you mean by below DateTime


Lets explain this 

ISO 8601 (The International Standard for the representation of dates and times)
states the following definition

The "T" corresponds to Time of the date(Duhh... no brainer)  and "Z"  is special UTC designator

So the DateTime  2009-08-28T23:55:16.000Z states

Date as 2009-08-28
Time as 23:55:16.000
"Z" stands for UTC

The above time can be also be represnted in EST as
2009-08-28T23:55:16-05:00 (EST) where  -05:00 is Timezone offset

Happy coding!!!

- Metahat

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