Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Sharepoint Config DB Size Grown too large

In my case the SharePoint Config DB log size became 35 GB which ate up all the disk space nearly crashing the system . This is a development machine so disk space was limited to 50 GB .

Did some search and the below steps solved the issue. The steps given below is not recommended to be implemeted in production , only in development / QA machine in order to save some resource .

1) Right click on you DB -> Properties
2)Select Options
3) Change the Recovery Model to SIMPLE and Click Ok

Once that is done ,
-Right click on DB -> Tasks - > Shrink -> Files
- In File type select log and click OK

My Config DB Log files were reduced from 35 GB - > 504 KB

Note : Simple recovery model is not suggested for Production Systems

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Tony said...

My config log file on production server is 122GB. To get it back under control can I set it to Simplerecovery mode, backup the db. Set initial size and growth to appropriate size then set back to full recovery?

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