Thursday, May 31, 2007

"MySite" not working SharePoint 2007

I was working on MySite today and while playing around i had no clue what i did but i was sure of one thing that i totally messed it up .

MySite stopped responding and after that only thing which came to mind is "SOS"

Anyways in case you end up in same situation which is very possible in the life of a computer geek , then simply follow the steps .

1)Open Central Administration ->Operations and create a new web application with "My Site Host" as template.
2)Well once you are done with creation of site the only thing remaining is to point the MySite to the new application URL as , so change the URL.

- Go to SSP

- click on "My Site Settings"

- Specify the new Url at "Personal Site Service"

That's It .Try accessing the MySite now.It's up and running.


Poonam Thawani said...

Good Tip!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!! so much I was getting read to dig a lot deeper because I could not get the link to work on mysites. You pointed out to select MYsites host. that did the trick. You made my day.

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