Monday, January 15, 2007

Automate back Up Process MOSS 2007

I hope it's a pain for all the SharePoint geeks to get the back up of there site manually either using Sharepoint administration/Sharepoint designer/stsadm.exe tool .

I was thiking about it and wanted to make my life simpler so thought of writing a tool to automate the process and here it is .

This tool is very basic and only limited to complete backup . Granular level backup is not supported .I haven't taken care of all the cases so tool might fail in certain condition.So there is possibility that the back up might fail and you might get "Success" message . well sounds scary :) .Just make sure you check the back up atleast first time .

I have included a word file with configuration info .Also included the complete 15 liner class file in case you want to make it more stable.

This is a normal command tool and needs to be run with windows scheduler.

Tool is available at :


Anonymous said...

Hi - great idea. Have you had any feedback yet on the use of this tool? We have a small farm with one db server (Win2k364, SQL 2005 64), a web app server and a search server. I'm interested to know whether anyone in my situation has tried it?

I'll let you know my findings.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice post!

Anonymous said...

Not sure where to point scheduled task at exactly. I see 3 files i need to edit.. app.config, and in bin/debug the backuptool.exe.config and backuptool.vhost.exe.config..

Rags Iyer said...

You have to point the Scheduled task to the executabel file .

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to script a customised deletion of old backups. The tool is great, but I have to remember to manually delete backups older than two weeks due to the huge amount of space they take up. After two weeks I'm certain I've got tape backups of the outputs I can refer back to.

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