Thursday, March 26, 2009

"Access Denied" MOSS 2007

I got this error while playing with the multiple authentication ie. authenticating sharepoint application with third party LDAP and Active Directory.
I was able to log in to home page but any system page e.g. _layouts/settings.aspx threw the "Access Denied " error.

This is how i got it working :

1) Go to "Application Management" tab in Central Administration
2) Click on the "Policy of Web application " link under "Application Security" section
3) Add the following users :
  • - NT AUTHORITY\local service (Full Control)
  • - "Site Collection Administrator" (Full Control)


Unknown said...

I did same as your guide ! but I can access People And Group in the Site.

I have a failure Access Denied!

can you guide me again ! thanks!

cstech said...

it works for me thanks.

Anonymous said...

this solved a problem I was having...THANKS!!!

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