Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Copy / Extract DLL from GAC

Ever wondered how to retrieve dll from GAC ?

Well here is one way :

  • Open command prompt and go to c:\windows\assembly\gac

  • Required dll will be in form of a directory, change directory to to the dll (cd {dll name})

  • Check directory for folder name (dir)

  • Change directory to folder with long name

  • You will get the dll in this folder

  • Run copy command to copy to your desired directory



Anonymous said...

Great Post and hack too :)

Unknown said...

Does this actually work? When I try to CD into any of the "Directories" in C:\windows\assmebly I get "The system cannot find the path specified.". Windows XP SP3. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Theres a FREE tool to extract dll's from the GAC. You can download it over at:

FREE GAC Extractor

A great tool and completely free. Worth a look.

Anonymous said...

Open the Command Prompt and Type :

cd c:\windows\assembly\GAC_MSIL

xcopy . C:\GacDump /s /y

This should give the dump of the entire GAC.



Anonymous said...


I found the following link useful as well:


Hope this helps.

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