Friday, October 13, 2006

Lotus Notes - MOSS 2007 :Feature Mapping

In my last article was on migration approach from Lotus Notes to MOSS 2007 , well that itself was a daunting task .You get that part
"RIGHT" and life is heaven .
One fine Weekend  morning i decided to have a look to one of the Lotus application to be migrated to MOSS 2007, i preffered to sit with my Lotus Notes expert in order to explore the "Maze " of Lotus platform , didnt wanted to get lost :-)

Well the application to be dissected was a kind of manual application  which stores the information about organization in hierarchical format.
Lotus notes expert were on it and during dissection it came to my notice that there are multiple forms in one application ,each form with different fields.

As per my understanding of the not so old days of SPS 2003, its only possible to have   list with multiple fields(ie in lotus notes term one form with multiple field) .

Then came the question of life "How am i gonna migrated this multiple form thingy to my MOSS 2007" .My instant reaction GOD "SOS"

Well i feel god heard :) and "Wollah" there is  a new feature in MOSS 2007 named "CONTENT TYPES" . I have started loving this product now .

In simple terms "Content Types" are entities which to stores multiple content in same object(every content type can have different fields)

So in simple terms

LOTUS NOTES                             MOSS2007

Notes Form <---------------------------> Content Type
Fields   <---------------------------------->  Fields


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Mehul K Bhuva said...

Hi Raghu..

nice little article and good insights...however, can u plz further elaborate the need/situation why to use Content Types, with a better example...

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